Social media buttons: 2 kinds

Did you know that there are two kinds of social media buttons?

I didn't.

Usually when I hear or read about social media buttons, nothing is said about there being 2 kinds! They simply assume you know!

Social media buttons: two kinds

1. Social media buttons that link to your social media profiles. 

This kind of buttons you'll usually find in the sidebar. They link to your social media profiles if people click on them. They make it easy for people to follow you and become regulars!

I've put mine in the header:

social media buttons profile
Social media buttons that link to your profiles

If you're on WordPress you can use the Simple Social Icons plugin to get them. If you're on Blogger I can recommend getting some real easy, at Greatfun4kids!

2. Social media buttons that offer your visitors the opportunity to share your post. 

This type of buttons you'll find at the bottom of a post. Imagine someone reading your post and thinking: 'This is such a great post! I want to share it with the world!' She will look around for a way to do this. Which is why you should have some handy sharing buttons ready!

social media buttons for sharing
Social media buttons to share posts

If you're on WordPress I recommend the Shareaholic plugin. If you're on Blogger all you have to do is activate the sharing buttons.

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard 
  2. Click on Layout 
  3. Click on ‘Edit ‘in 'Blog Posts '
  4. Scroll down and activate Show Share Buttons

So, now you know all there is to know about social media buttons!

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