The 24 hours rule to curbe impulse shopping


I was shopping with my youngest daughter when I spotted them:

Really cute shoes.

The called out to me. They truly did.

Never mind that they had laces and really high heels. Two things I usually avoid like the plague.

Trying them on

I decided to try them on. Sometimes when you try something it feels totally wrong, and you're off the hook.

But of course they felt really great. And I absolutely loved how they looked on me. However: the heels were definitely very high.

It turned into a real power struggle between my heart and my mind. My heart told me:

'Go on, buy them! They look great! Who cares the heels are very high.'

But my mind said:

'Don't buy them. You know you never wear shoes with heels. And you've got a short husband. Do you wanna look stupid walking next to him?'

The 24 hour rule

In the end reason won out. And I decided to use the 24 hour rule:

'If I still want the shoes after 24 hours I can buy them.'

But sure enough, after about 15 minutes I felt my longing for the shoes dwindle, and sanity once again took the reigns.

How do you cope with impulse shopping?

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2 reacties

  1. Love the boots and have a similar pair. I like your 24 hour rule. It's something I could get behind because I know I'd still want what I wanted 24 hours later. 😉


  2. I love your rule. As I usually shop 90% of the time from clearance racks, I don't have to be quite as strict. My SO is shorter than I am and I have gotten out of the habit of wearing high heels now that I am retired. I also find,"Does it go with clothes I already have?" to be a good rule, too. I have an old summer wardrobe in orange that I continue to contribute to; I can go off for a long weekend with all orange! This year, I found some coral clothes on clearance; turns out it's a good color on me!

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