I got the message son: parenting is letting go

When my son,  started a new school he had to get up really early.

So naturally, I adjusted my alarm clock, so I could be there right beside him. You know, encouraging him, telling him to watch out for traffic and not to stand too close the the edge of the train platform.

But did he appreciate my tender loving care?


In fact, if he'd had the power to move stuff with his eyes, he'ld have eyed me right out of our kitchen.
After four mornings of getting the evil eye, I got the message.

I got the message

I was not wanted.

So before he could say 'restraining order,' I slunk away.

But as is so often the case in life, there ís a bright side to my son's cruel rejection.

Because now I get to have another hour of sleep.

Parenting is all about letting go.

Parenting is all about letting your children go.

And sometimes that's not all that bad.

Because you gain something precious: time for yourself.

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