Ruggable carpet: the best thing since sliced bread!

Ruggable carpet review
Me, our dog and my Ruggable carpet: let's take a trip ; )

I love carpets in my home. They make our living room feel more comfortable and cozy. But at the same time they can be scary places where dirt, dust, bacteria and pieces of human skin like to settle down. Yuck. Which is why I like to be able to put my carpets in the washing machine. For me that's the only surefire way of knowing the carpet is indeed clean. However it's really hard to find a carpet you can put into a washing machine! In fact, there weren't any. Until I discovered Ruggable carpets.

My carpets were actually really thick table cloths

My so called carpets were actually really thick table cloths. And I mean réálly thick. However, they were relatively small and a terrible slip and slide risk: they aren't what you'ld call anti-slip! But at least I could wash them. Look, here's one of my washable carpets:

Ruggable carpet: a carpet you can put into your washing machine!

Nevertheless, one day I found myself surfing the internet and googling: carpet you can put into the washing machine. And lord and behold: there actually was one, and it's called a Ruggable. Ruggable is a new kind of carpet, and I love, love, love it! The trick of a Ruggable carpet is that it's a two-piece rug system. The top part is a stain resistant, waterproof rug. It catches spills for easy cleanup. Underneath the top part is this layer that's antislip and feels a bit like velcro.

Look, let me show you:

I love my Ruggable carpet

So I went ahead and bought a ruggable carpet. And it's everything I hoped it would be. I love the way it looks, and I can indeed it put it into our washing machine and wash it. I got the chance to try this sooner than I wanted because our little dog Trixie peed on it... So I wanted to wash the carpet. And it came out nice and clean, and without dog pee : )

Ruggable carpet: summing up

It you like carpets in your home, but you want to make sure they're nice and clean, I highly recommend Ruggable carpets. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns and you can put them into your washing machine.

I'm never going to buy another kind of carpet ever again. Why would I, when I can have a great looking carpet I can clean so well!

Practical information about Ruggable carpets

You can order your Ruggable carpet by visiting But I also saw some Ruggables on

This post was NOT sponsored by Ruggable. I just like them so much I wanted to share the joy.

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