A positive way to look at January

According to T.S. Elliot April is the cruellest month. But for a lot of people, January gives April a run for its money!

January: bleak, grey and empty

Because January is the month that has Blue Monday in it. It's also the month when Winter has only just begun, and Spring is still far away. The glitz and glamour that accompagny Christmas have gone, and all that's left is this empty, bleak and grey month.

Another way of looking at January

However there'a another, more positieve way to look at the month of January.

And that's not to think of it as bleak and empty, but with lots of room for new things. 

After you've put away all the paraphernalia that go with Christmas you'll find you house suddenly much more spacious. Enjoy this feeling of suddenly having way more room in your home!

And as for feelings of dreariness, and the fact that the festive season has left the building, think of that as space. Space to discover new things! To strike out on your own. The sky is the limit!

How do you feel about January?

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