New remedy against ADHD

'Mommy, Johnny has ADHD,' my youngest son declared in his little boy's voice.
'Oh? How do you know?'
'He told me.'
'Oh, and what does it mean?' I treaded carefully, not wanting to put words into his mouth.
'It means you are a very naughty boy, and you laugh when you're doing naughty stuff,' Piet knew.
'Yes mommy, like this!'
And he pulled his sweet little mouth into an evil grin that would give Jack Nicholson's Joker a run for his money.
'And can it be fixed?'
'Yes, you have to dig a hole and then hide it. Then he won't see it and he'll fall into the hole.'
'But isn't that sad for poor Johnny?' I asked worriedly.
'No, because he shouldn't be doing naughty things,' Piet declared firmly.

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