It's okay! I'm a Mom!

I'm a mom
To my delight I discovered a judo class for kids, practically in our street! So I immediately enrolled my son, because I love the way judo teaches them manners. You never know: they might stick, and make my life easier!

Because it was his very first lesson I helped him change into his judo suit in the locker room, and hand delivered him to the judo teacher. After an hour I went back to pick him up. The bringing part went fine, but during the picking up part I made a tiny 'faux pas'.


To pick up my son I had to walk through the locker room where he'd left his clothes, but that same locker room was suddenly filled with naked, pubescent boys. My first instinct was to keep walking while shouting:

'It's okay boys! I'm a Móm!'

But when I saw their looks, I beat a hasty retreat in my sensible Birkenstocks mumbling: 'Sorrysorrysorry.' As soon as I'd closed the door, I heard them talking amongst themselves:

'How come all those moms can't see this is the boys locker room!'

I sighed in relief: obviously many moms had gone before me.

I wonder if they were wearing Birkenstocks too.


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