Pushing trees: bios urns

bios urns

Ever since my uncle Hank told me he thought you can never be sure the cremation ashes you take home are in fact the ashes of your loved one, I've been on the fence when it comes to cremation. Because what if my uncle Hank is right?!

Then I read about bios urns. Those are biodegradable urns you put the ashes of your loved ones in, and then you add some seeds and after a while a tree begin to grow. It transforms a loved one in a tree.

And I have to say, the idea appeals to me. I can just picture myself, a beautiful oak tree in the corner of our garden. But I also like the idea of remembering a loved one like this. You don't have to go the cemetary, you can just go the tree.

Of course you would have to have a garden, or find a spot you're sure won't be disturbed.

But all in all I think the idea of returning to the earth this way is beautiful.

What do you think?

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