Why I love books

I love to read books because of the stories they tell.

Content before style

Sure, I like my books well written, but content is more important than style as far as I'm concerned.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself reading Belinda Bauers book The Facts of Life and Death mostly because of her very humorous and witty writing style!

The story is a mixture of detective/psychological thriller and coming of age novel. Now, I hate detectives because I can never remember who's who. And coming of age novels bore me.

But this time, even though I didn't like the content all that much, the style kept me reading on.

I've collected some of the best oneliners in this book. They made me smile!

6 oneliners in The Facts of Life and Death that made me smile

  1. The whole affair had knocked the stuffing out of him. And that had made Marion realize that the stuffing was the best bit of her husband.
  2. Tony Coral (policeman) took down everything she told him. He couldn't remember hearing a more detailed description in all his thirty-one years on the force. Sadly, it was a description not of a kidnammer, but of a wheel.'
  3. He had done nothing at all for so long that he'd gradually adjusted, until nothing had become the new something. After a while he wondered how he'd ever found time for a job.
  4. Ruby put down her pen and sighed deeply at the nice blank diary page she'd ruined with her boring life.
  5. A young woman had been murdered and dumped in a lay-be like a fast-food wrapper.
  6. This is my favorite:  He'd only applied for plainclothes becasue keeping his uniform clean and pressed and shiny had been an awful lot of work.

About the story

It was the style that kept me reading, and in the end the story reeled me in too. It's exciting and nerve wrecking. I can highly recommend it.

Practical info

You can buy the kindle edition of The Facts of Life and Death for 15,65 at Amazon.com. It's a good buy!

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