Purse crazy

I've got a weakness for office supplies, wallets and purses. I know this about myself, so I try to keep myself on a tight leash. Because what could one more purse add to the collection that I already own?

These are my criteria for a good purse

• It has to have a separate compartment for my wallet, which is quite large.
• It should have at least two big compartments, to keep my stuff separate from my other stuff
• At the front of the purse I want a small closable compartment to put my keys.
• I'm not a handbag kind or girl: I have my hands full as it is! So I only want bags I can carry on my shoulder.

Sometimes a purse slips through my frugal radar. Especially when it has flowers on them. Put flowers on something, and I wanna buy it. But lately I'm doing better, because I've realized that since my skirts are floral too, I'm gonna look like a big walking curtain with a flowery bag.

Me and my purses in the picture on the left


Top left: Brown leather purse that set me back 85 dollars! It's the most expensive bag I ever bought, and I was eyeing it for months. Eventually I succumbed and a week later they went on sale for 15 dollars. Aargh! And this bag turned out to be a disappointment because it only has one compartment, and is therefore very messy.

Top right: Western style little shoulder bag, I use when me and hubby go out on a date, which is almost never. To make sure it gets out now and again, I sometimes take it with me when I go grocery shopping.

Bottokm left: This bag I use daily. It has all the compartments I need, and it's neutral.

Bottom right: This bag was a big mistake, and I only bought it because I succumbed to the lure of the floral pattern. But I never use it because it's so 'busy'.

What are you looking for in a purse/handbag?

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  1. I'm a sucker for office supplies myself. I get all giddy when I'm in Office Max or Staples.

    I'm not to much of a purse girl, since someone stole my wallet. But I do love my Miche purse, as it has different shells, when I do take it. I had many purses when I was younger, but this one suites me when I'm in the mood to take a purse.

  2. I will not admit on my blog the most a purse has ever set me back. I wouldn't want Papa Bear to see that one!! I love purses too. I don't go crazy. I have one for each season and I use them for a few years. Are you familiar with ThirtyOne? I just ordered a purse from them. It will be my summer back. I love your $85 set back.

  3. I have a weakness for purses too!! I really need a large bag but I'm always drawn to smaller purses. There is just something so cool about a great bag, it can make me smile for years!! Like Kenya I'm not going to admit just how much I have, or would spend for a bag, but I will say it's the one thing I really can get crazy with! Love this post!

  4. I love a handbag that's trendy, able to match with most of my day time wear, with lots of compartments and easy to keep clean. In reality I use a knapsack to hold my stuff and my toddler's.

  5. I don't know what's worse...having an addiction to purses..or having that addiction turn into an itch to make every purse you see without actually having any real talent to carry out that itch. That's where I'm stuck these days, anyway. 😀 #UBP12

  6. My flower bag was hurt!

    Isn't it uncomfortable walking around, having to hold a big wallet? That's why I only want shoulder bags: I have to keep my hands free, to catch the kids.

  7. I'm the total opposite. I never carry a purse. A small hand held clutch to keep just my cards and money in it. My keys are hung from a key holder that I can easily slip into a pocket or around my arm. If I need something more, a tote suits me fine. Where I can throw whatever I need for the day in it. I love how organized your purse is. That would suit me fine. Thanks for sharing this on my party this week. I hope to see you there next Thursday. Enjoy your evening.

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