Doing puzzles to calm the mind

Doing a puzzle quiets the mind

Someone told me doing jigsaw puzzles quiets the mind. Since mine is always going a mile a minute, I immediately took myself to the nearest webshop and bought myself the puzzle with the prettiest picture.

Puzzle of a store

I chose one of a store,  because I figured that way I could also feel like I was shopping without spending any money. Ergo killing two birds with one puzzle: getting peace of mind ánd being thrifty.

So there it lay: this beautiful puzzle.

I took me about a week to unwrap the puzzle from the foil.

Then another day to open the box and get started.

Doing a puzzle is very puzzling

I started gathering all the edge pieces, because that's what I've been taught about doing jigsaw puzzles. It took me a long, long time.  But I have to say, as I was rummaging through the box looking for edge pieces I did start to feel a bit more peaceful.

While doing the puzzle I like to listen to Easy Listening Oldies on AccuRadio. I love the music and songs they play, and they conjure up all kind of memories, thoughts and emotions.

So in all, I'm thinking this assembling a puzzle may actually work!

How do you feel about doing jigsaw puzzles?

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