Modern day reading

I used to greatly prefer réál books to eBooks.But then I discovered the perks of eBooks, and now I find myself using my eReader all the time. However, unlike paper books, eReaders have needs.

They run on batteries.

Modern day reading

One day, while I was out in our garden basking  in the sunshine, while reading a very scary novel, my eReader suddenly died on me. Just when the main character was about to kick the bucket too!

I had to charge my eReader, to be able to continue reading.

But I  also wanted to stay outside!

Such a dilemma.

What's a girl to do?!

What's a girl to do? Then I remembered our extension cord! So I did a MacGyver and attached the extension cord to the eReader and voila!

I could read again!

That's modern day reading for you.

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