We were having dinner, and I was bored senseless waiting for my seventeen year old daughter to finally clear her plate. But what's a parent to do?! You're supposed to teach your kids to stay at the table until everybody's finished, so I was held hostage by my own parenting etiquette.

This meant I was delighted when my youngest son Pete (9) came over and gave me a hug. I closed my eyes to cherish this special moment. Then Pete said with his sweet little boy voice: 'Mom, you stole four dollars from my piggy bank, didn't you?'

And I'm ashamed to admit he was right. Although personally I prefer the term 'borrowed'.

Je m'excuse.

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  1. My little boy is not old enough to notice when money is 'borrowed' out of his piggy bank. Although it probably would not matter because he loses alot of is when he takes it out to play with anyway.

  2. I found $20 in the pocket of my 7-year-old's jeans while I was doing laundry last night. The rule in our house is anything I find when I'm doing laundry is mine. It's supposed to help them remember to clean out their pockets. (Of course, it doesn't actually work.) But it was $20 - and she's 7 - so I put it on her dresser. Just call me mom of the year.

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