Mean Mom Syndrome

When we moved to the countryside I finally gave in, and we got two cats. Four years later we even got a little dog.
But for many years, I firmly put my foot down when it came to pets.
In 2011 I wrote this post about it.

Mean Mom Syndrome

For years now, I've been denying my kids the joy of having their own pet. Even though I'm not an animal lover, there's no pet on earth I wish to subject to the care, or lack thereof, of my kids.

Through the years the kids have resigned themselves to the fact that they have a 'stupid mom'. But my youngest son's yearning ran so deep, he created his own pet.

My son made his own pet...

His name is Teddy, and Pete makes sure he's got everything Teddy may ever wish for. He even takes him for walks, on a piece of string. Together they have great adventures.

'Do you know what worries me mommy?' Pete asked with his little boy voice. 'Balloons shrink'.
'You mean you're worried Teddy wil shrink?
'Yes,' Pete sighed, while cradling little Teddy lovingly in his arms.

I laughed so hard I cried

Then I felt like such a terrible mom, I laughed so hard I had to cry.
'Here mommy, Teddy will make it all go away!' Pete said consolingly.

So tomorrow we'll go out and get him a guinea pig.
Or a new balloon.

In the picture you see a picture of Teddy, in the prime of his life. 

Look at him smile! 

He's such a happy little pet.

Update 2021

Looking back I still understand my reasons for not wanting pets back then. I had my hands full with five little kids. But I've also discovered how much joy pets can bring, so in retrospect I still feel a little bit bad.
Luckily kids are resilient!
How do you feel about pets?

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  1. LOL! They need to invent balloons that don't deflate, right?! My kids are older, my dog is older, I am older ... and I (you're right) care for the dog.

    Anyway, I'm your newest follower on the Social Parade and would love a follow back -

  2. Hello, found you tonight through a blog hop on bassgiraffe. 5 kids? That's awesome! Thanks for the laughs as soon as I wound up on your page. Great sense of humour, which I'm sure gets you through your crazy mom days! I hope you'll check me out and possibly follow along too, as I tell my stories of raising 3 kids, including twins--all preemies! Have a great night! Twintrospectives.

  3. This is so cute!!
    Does he tell people about Teddy?? I'd love to see people's faces..
    I think if you can,,just get him another balloon. I like the above policy of If IT POOPS~ FORGET IT!!
    I hope Teddy makes it until you get the "new" pet..
    New follower!! I Love your site!
    I love your little guys imagination though! Awesome!

  4. That is so precious! too bad you don't have a neighbor who can 'share' her dogs with you like we do! sort of like grandkids, I'm can spoil them, then send them back - in this case to their own yard!

    mom is the only girl

  5. That is funny! My mom always said we couldn't have it if it pooped. That pretty much ruled out anything but pet rocks. I wish I had been cool enough to have a pet balloon.

  6. Brilliant!! Get the guinea pig, much more fun that a balloon! I'm a farmer and have four dogs, a cat, 40 hens and 600 sheep, so I guess I'm not short of animal love!

    Found you on the Terrific Thursday blog hop.
    CJ xx

  7. Here from Thankful Thursday. This is Awesome...This is the only kind of pet I want anymore, although I did give in and get a Nemo (goldfish) for my 2 year old grandson...hey, goldfish are not too bad! LOL

  8. Rachel Joy, I know! I'm just worried buying the guinea pig will eat into the money I'm going to need for all his therapy!

    Karen Greenberg, you make me feel better! Your kids are just as sad as mine are, lugging around stones pretending they're pets! I love that!

  9. Awwww poor Pete =) I'm sorry, which end of Teddy are we looking at again? I hope you get Pete a guinea pig otherwise I am certain this will result in a weekly psychiatric session 20 years from now...

  10. These are the best kinds of pets for our house! I'm a mean mom, too. We've tried to have a couple different types of animals, but it just doesn't work out for us. Our best success was fostering dogs for rescue groups. About the time my girls are getting tired of caring for them, it's time for them to be adopted. It worked perfectly until we moved into a townhouse without a nice yard for them to run in. Now my daughters drag around river rocks painted with faces. I think I like the balloons better!

  11. Haha! Poor baby:) I know how you feel. We had a dog, but for some reason all wanted a cat forever. Finally got one and my youngest is allergic, but she loves it:( little bit of a mess! Anyway, guinea pigs make a weird careful!!

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