Be careful what you wish for!

For years I wished my eldest son would take more of an interest in appearance.

He just threw on the nearest shirt and pants he could find on the floor, and his hair was so fat, you could easily fry an egg in it. And two sausages.

I should have known better! Because doesn't the saying ominously warn: 'Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!' Well, I 'got' it alright. Nowadays my son takes great care applying his black eyeliner, and adding thick blobs of black eye shadow. The genie has left the bottle, and I got my wish: my son takes an interest in his appearance.

So now I'm desperately rubbing an empty bottle of mineralwater, in the hopes of getting the genie back ín the bottle mumbling: 'I take it back, I take it back!

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  1. Haha well you got what you asked for so you shouldn't complain 😉 i'm just glad my daughter has skipped that stage although it may still come she is only 14, and then i still have my 2 twin boys to worry about..
    Great post there! Found you blog via the Butterbottom Blog Hop and i really look forward to reading more! - feel free to stop by and say hello 🙂

  2. Ah becareful what we wish for rings so tru sometimes.

    Today is Follow Me Back Tuesday I'm following your blog and I am saying a big HELLO! I do hope you will follow me back too.
    Have a great day!

  3. OMG - that is hilarious. I am making the same wish for my 13 year old. I mean, can't he smell himself? Really. Don't know how I would feel if he became super interested in his appearance and started wearing makeup but hey, that's just self expression right? Anyway, I'm a new follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. Have a wonderful evening.


  4. My 12 y.o. boy is starting to take an interest, but I can tell it will be my 9 y.o. boy who will be donning the black eyeliner!

    I've always said that my kids won't do something I expect like eyeliner, piercings, tattoos etc, because their dad and I would be like, "Ok." They will do something really offensive, like start wearing penny loafers *with* the pennies in them! 😀

    Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Haha! Just think, you can have him do your makeup now. Just sit back, relax, drink a latte, and have him work his magic. You may end up looking emo too, but at least you didn't have to do it yourself. 😉

    I suck at applying eye liner, so I'm actually kind of jealous of him. LOL.

  6. You made me laugh. The reason we have the saying is because it is true. You'll get what you wish for in some form or another. Part of what makes life so much fun, huh?!

    Thanks for your visit to It's a Mom's World. I'm a new follower.

  7. LOL, I know you may not find it funny, this post made me laugh. I totally understand. When I decided to have a child I thought 2010 was the year (Chinese Year of the Tiger) I wanted the child to be strong. I also wanted an autumn/winter birth. Hey Ho! I got it all and now have an adorable, VERY active, strong-willed baby boy. As lusk would have it last year we had snow storms etc. So it was fun and games to be seen by the health visitor etc.

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