School Projects: where does it end?!

In the quest for Best School Project there seem to be no limits.

At first hamsters, kittens and rabbits were presented to liven things up. But last week an actual baby was shown as evidence that the story about the birds and the bees is really true.

It won't be easy for my son Pete to top this! But luckily he has me for a mom, and I propose a project about McDonalds. And to make sure he gets an A, and of course to educate, I'll pop in at the end of his presentation with Happy Meals for the whole class! Just to illustrate of course.

My plan B is a live presentation of how babies are made.

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  1. all you really need is the toy inside the Happy Meal. I cannot tell you the battles that have been waged over one of these cheap toys. you can't even lure the boy away with the promise of unlimited Harry Potter Wii.
    visiting from the UBP - good luck with the project.

  2. OK I really did laugh out loud!! As a parent of 3 who each have had to do school projects, I always complained about their school projects becoming my school projects. But I must confess, I did not think about a flat out bribe to score the A!! Thanks for sharing. your blogging style is truly fun.

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