'Rrrring!' our doorbell keeps on ringing. Ignoring it is useless, because they'll just ring it again. And again. And Again. And if I stíll don't come to the door, they'll just park their finger on it and keep it there.

This time it turned out to one of the neighbourhood kids, looking up at me with eyes shining with great expectations. 'Can Pete come out and play?'
'He's on a playdate with Hank,' I had to disappoint him.
'Can I play with John then?' he wanted to know.
'John is still in school,' and 'Mary and Jane have gone to the mall. All I've got left is Michael.'
'Okay,' he sighed. 'I'll take hím.'
So now they're happily playing outside, but I'm worried about my stock running out.

The next kid who wants to play with one of my children, will have to make do with my husband. He's all I've got left.

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