Christmas tradition and nostalgic puzzle

One of our Christmas traditions is to do a puzzle on Christmas day.

That is to say, I take a puzzle and scatter all the pieces on the table. And then I hope for the best.

Usually it's my husband who can't resist turning all those little pieces into a picture.

Found a new puzzle

Look what I found at the local thrift store! This great nostalgic children's puzzle. It only cost me 50 cents. It's even got all the 50 pieces.

I just love the pretty picture of the little girl drawing her dog. On the left side she's got het water color paint set, just waiting to be used.

What will future nostalgic puzzles look like?

Back then they didn't have Playstations and smartphones!

I wonder if in the future we'll have puzzles of kids playing on their smartphones...

nostalgic children's puzzle
The box
The puzzle

What are your Christmas traditions?

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  1. The dog in that puzzle looks endearingly like our lazy old Tucker, so I had to read your post. What a treasure you found, and it does make me wonder what items from our current culture will become classic heirlooms.

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