Hell is an amusement park

amusement park
When Sartre declared: 'Hell is other people', I'm sure he had just visited an amusement park. Should I ever go to hell, I expect to be greeted by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! Hell to me, is a busy amusement park.

Hubby 'does' amusement parks!

So hubby takes care of trips to amusement parks. The kids actually don't want me to come with them anymore. Because no matter how hard I try to enjoy myself, there's always that moment when it hits me: a desperate desire to go home. And it always hits me, much sooner than the rest of the family.

Yesterday they left for a trip to a local amusement park.

'I don't want you to come, mummy!' my second son taunted me. 

My idea of heaven

Before I could say anything, my eldest son said in stern tones: 

'Ot, that's just plain rude!'

If amusement parks are Hell, having your eldest son come to your defense is my idea of heaven!

How do you feel about amusement parks? Do you like them?

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  1. Actually, I'm the more patient amusement-parker. My hubby has never gone with us and probably never will. Or he might make our day miserable. 😉 Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop. Have a great week

  2. My hell is when I'm with my husband at an amusement park. Any visits to Great America or Disneyland is with me and not hubby. The last time we went, I yelled at him which I never do but I couldn't take the bitching anymore. We haven't been to an amusement park together since. Visiting from Thoughtful Thursday. Have a great weekend.

  3. My hell is a busy amusement park with a newly potty trained little boy...however, I'm willing to do Disney World if I get to sandwich it between a Disney Cruise! Two days at sea, a visit to the park, castaway cay, then two days at sea again. Totally worth it for going to hell!
    Hitting you up from the Hop Along Friday Blog Hop.

  4. I love amusement parks. We have season passes to Disney, and when it's cooler we go almost every weekend 🙂 Of course, about mid-day I'm ready to go, unless we've got reservations at a good resturant that happens to sell cold beer; then I'm all about staying for the fireworks at the end of the night!

  5. My kids love them. They make me nervous what with the recent rash of accidents, especially the on in Wildwood, Nj.
    With my blood pressure issue and my meds that I take for it, the whole amusement park thing has me sitting sidelines unless I absolutely have to go on something with one of the kids.
    There are rides thatI cannot pass up, bumper cars and pirate ship. I must do those, but they make me have an upset stomach and get dizzy.
    New follower-Jill

  6. Oh my gosh! My brain still absolutely loves the idea of a big dipping rollercoaster (no upside downs, please), but my body is nowhere near amused anymore. I do like a good water park (aside from the bathing suit in public thing, naturally!)

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  8. My little guy is still too young for amusement parks, but I love them myself. I can't wait until he's old enough to ride roller coasters!

    I'm a new follower from the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

  9. I have not done the amusement park thing in a couple of years. Thankfully the kids go with school field trip and well that is Daddy's dept. Though now that our eldest is an "adult" we actually sent her on the last trip. She came back with a completely new perspective on parks. "Man it sucks when you have to watch out for kids" BAWAHAHAHA

    found you through theThoughtful Thursday Blog hop and am now following you


  10. You know what? We all have our "things" as parents that we just hate. Luckily for you, your husband is cool with taking them to the parks so they still get to go. Having one come to your defense is absolutely priceless!

  11. I actually have a wonderful time at amusement parks! My three boys keep me very busy and entertained, and we all leave exhausted and very happy. Thankfully!

    I'm sorry you don't have as much fun. =[

  12. At least your other son stood up for you. 🙂 My husband HATES crowds. So, I may just be taking our little one to Disney all by myself at some point, maybe my parents will want to come.

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