Having virtual coffee with my son

This June my oldest son left the nest and got his own place.

And even though I miss having him around, I'm mostly just veru happy that he's doing so well.

And that he's happy!

What more could I want as a mom.

Having a cup of coffee together thanks to modern technology

And now I've found a great way to have a cup of coffee with him. I use video chat on my smartphone, and so does he. That way we can see each other in our respective homes and have a cup of coffee together : )

I lean my smartphone against a vase there he is, my son!

This is me, having virtual coffee with my eldest son : )

Sure, virtual coffee is not a substitute for seeing each other in real life, but it's definitely a great way to stay in touch! And a way to tide me over until we can visit each other.

How to you keep in touch with kids that left your home?

This post featured on Being A Wordsmith. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

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4 reacties

  1. Good Afternoon to you, I am sorry I am unable to write to you using your name, but I searched your blog and couldn't find it.
    Modern technology is a wonderful thing. I remember watching a science fiction film in the 1980s (the name of the film escapes me at the moment) and people were communicating through a screen, just as you are using your phone.... and I remember thinking, that would never happen.
    .... and here we are 30 or more years later and it is the norm. Both my daughters live away from Newcastle, my eldest daughter lives in Chicago and my youngest daughter lives in Bournemouth.... although we are far apart from each other, we Skype every other day and it brings us close together, as like you, we each make a coffee and have a morning for a chat... as I said, modern technology is a wonderful thing. I am so pleased to live in an age where I can talk to my daughters and not wait for a letter to arrive (although I do love writing letters).
    Have a lovely day today.
    Best Wishes

  2. What a wonderful idea to keep in touch with your son. Brings a tear to my eye. Like you say it is just so great to know that they are doing well in the world they are building.

    Blogger's Pit Stop

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