Vintage tent

I'm not a camping out kind of girl. I think there's a reason camping rhymes so well with cramping. However I've got five kids who love to sleep outside in a tent, so we decided to put one up in our back yard. After all, since our move to the country it's certainly big enough!

So I scoured the internet looking for the cheapest tent I could find, preferable the pop-up kind, you throw into the garden and then turns itself into a tent. Without any help from me. But then our neighbour heard we were looking for a tent, and she knew some people who were looking to get rid of theirs!
So I said: 'Say no more! I am willing to do a good deed, and relieve them of their burden.'

Now we are the proud owners of our very own tent, that's about 50 years old. It didn't pop up, and it took us about two hours to set up, but the kids absolutely love it. And so do I, because it's as if we've added an extra room to our house without the builders.

How do you feel about camping? And your kids?

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7 reacties

  1. Nothing like a good old vintage tent to keep the family together 🙂
    I have never gone camping, but would like to one of these days. I'm definitely getting a pop-up tent, as I don't want the hassle 😉

  2. I put a similar post up this season because we went backyard camping this year too! Excellent, FREE way to entertain the kids, woot. I love it! Congrats on the tent score looks huge.

    I love your yard, it's excellent looking in the picture! Glad you had some camping fun. 🙂

  3. My idea of camping, is a hotel. It's how I grew up. We live in the country, so I don't see the point of forcing to 'rough it'. Traveling 4 miles into town in a car with my kids is as rough as I want it to get. 🙂

    It looks like a lovely tent and I'm sure the kids are just in heaven over it. Did you tell them there are bugs outside and wild animals? 🙂

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