Google canceled my adsense account and I panicked

google adsense canceled

This week I got an onimous email from Google telling me they canceled my Google adsense account because of violation of the European Union (EU) user consent policy.

So I did what any blogger would do: I panicked! And then I panicked some more.

Why did Google cancel my adsense account?

Then I took a couple of deep breaths and decided they probably meant there was no cookies bar on my blog. But how could that be? Three weeks before I had installed a cookies bar using the Jetpack plugin!

What happened?

Here's what went wrong:

I have several blogs. Most of them are on Blogger. Blogger automatically adds a cookies bar, so you don't even have to think about it. But I also have three blogs.

And that's where my woes begin. Because they dón't automatically have a cookies bar. I hád added a cookies bar using the Jetpack plugin.

But because my blogs were really slow, I deactivated all my plugins, trying to find out what the problem was. Turns out it had something to do with the server of my host. So I reactivated all the plugins.

But I forgot one thing:

I forgot to drag the cookies bar widget back on the blog again...

And that's when Google came by and saw there was no cookies bar on my blog : (

I thought it was there, but it wasn't. And Google saw. And it was not good.

What I'm doing to fix this

Aside from panicking I immediately dragged those stupid cookies bar back into the footers of my three blogs.

So the problem that made Google cancel my Google adsense account is fixed.

Then I sent an appeal to Google telling them I had fixed the problem.

The waiting begins

So now I'm waiting. And crossing my fingers and hoping that Google sees that it was all just a big accident. I never meant to nót have cookies bars on my blogs. Indeed, I thought they were there.

I love Google adsense, and I hope they'll take me back.

Forewarned is forearmed

Apart from sharing my woes I'm also hoping this post will help others prevent this happening to them.

If you've got a blog be sure to have a cookies bar on it.

Have you ever had this experience? And what did you do? I would really appreciate tips and pointers!

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