5 surefire ways to get lots of comments!

I love comments. And when I write, what I think is a particular witty post, I can't wait for the comments to pour in. Unfortunately, they don't pour. At best they trickle.

So to torture myself I go on a tour and visit popular mom blogs, and read their ± 300 comments. And I ask myself: 'How did they manage to get so many comments, by writing about their cat or a run?!'

I don't know the answer to thát question, but I háve found some topics that are guaranteed to get you lots of comments.

5 surefire ways to get lots of comments

  1. Say it's your birthday. Comments will start pouring in.
  2. Say you feel hard done by, and are quitting your blog. You can't use this one too often though, or you'll lose all credibility. So beware of the Frank Sinatra Effect.
  3. Get into a fight with your family, friends or neighbours. Write about what you said, what they said in return, and how you felt about it. These fights are excellent for feuilletons!
  4. Get into a lot of trouble, and write about it. For example: discover how your husband is cheating on you, or crash your car. Then write about it at length.
  5. Take a picture of some plant in your house from 40 different angles. This is sure to get you at least a 100 comments.

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  1. It always amazes me which posts of mine get comments and which don't.. for example anytime I even hint at my future wedding.. the people go crazy but something I thought long and hard about writing, that I think is relevant to a far broader audience.. not so much.

  2. Funny!! I think I will take the pic with 40 angles - - lol. I do.not.know.why those kinds of posts get tons of comments - - unless it's hardcore photographers or something.... I was following a blog like that and every post was 25 pics of the farmers market and flowers and.... you get the idea. So I know EXACTLY what you are saying!!
    Anyways! 🙂 {ranting is now over!} 😉
    Putting your link on my blog from the Voiceboks event! 🙂
    Have a great week

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