Google adsense disappeared from Google Analytics

google adsense disappeared from google analytics

I just love, love, love the feature in Google Analytics where you can check which one of your posts is the best potential moneymaker.

Jessica Bures explains how to do this very well.

Check which post is the best potential moneymaker!

And all you have to do to get this info is connect your Google Analytics account with your Google Adsense account. Once you've done that, you'll see an Adsense tab in the menu of Google Analytics. It's underneath 'Behavior':

Google Adsense disappeared from the Google Analytics menu

However when I went to see which post I should be promoting that day, suddenly the Adsense option had disappeared! And I couldn't find it anywhere.

I checked if everything was still connected, and it was. I even deactivated all my plugins. But nothing make the Adsense tag reappear.

The solution to the problem!

Then I had a bright idea! I knew I visited the adsense page in Google Analytics a week ago. So I went into my browser's history and found the page. And that's when I understood what happened!

They gave it a different name!

Duh... It's still there, but now it's called 'Publisher'!

I know there are more bloggers out there who struggled with this, so I decided to share the solution!

Have your connected your Google Adsense account with your Google Analytics account?

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  1. OMG! I could reach through the screen and kiss you!!!! I have been trying to figures this out for about a week and a half. Obviously I needed to stumble upon a smart person like yourself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that, I must make that connect in my GA, I have not done it yet. I guess I now know to do it. Thanks so much,
    We love that you came to party on Fridays Blog Booster Party, we would love to see more next Friday.

  3. Interesting. I struggle so much with Google Analytics. It seems like I never can find the info I'm looking for. I think I'm going to take a class in it at my next blog conference. Thanks for sharing the tip though. I need to check my Stumble Upon stats this way.

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