Are you making the most of Google+?

Are you making the most of Google+?

Because I sure wasn't!

Turns out, Google+ is a bit like Pinterest. If you use it right.

Which I didn't.

So this is for all of you who didn't know how to make the most of their images on Google+! Because , if you use it right, Google+ can be like a pinboard with great images people will want to share.

How to make the most of your images on Google+

Let me show you something.

In this image I did nót make the most of Google+ for my image:

google+ images
Small thumbnail image

Spot the difference!

But in this picture I díd make the most of Google+:

Nice and big fat image!

See the difference?

In the first image there's a small thumbnail picture. But in the second one it's nice and big and grabs the attention.

How to you get the nice big image on Google+

  1. Next time you go your Google+ account, click on 'photos' first.
  2. Then upload the image of your choice.
  3. And only thén do you paste the link to your post.

Because if you start with pasting the link to your post, you'll end up with the thumbnail picture.

So, it's real easy. You just have to know to do it!

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