First of school day gifts for the teacher. Huh?

Have you ever been that mom? The one who took her kids to school and discovered she was supposed to bring the teacher a present? Just because it was the first day of school?

I have!

So this year I was going to do things differently. This year I shall shine!

It's all in the preparations, I tell you.

I bought myself a sheep in Spring. And in Summer I shaved it. Then I took that big pile of smelly wool, and I spun it into a beautiful thread. And then I took that thread and I knitted a beautiful scarf. But wait, there's more!

Then I made a trip to the local gold mines and did some gold mining. I then melted the gold I found into a golden thread and threaded it through the scarf.

So on the first day of school, that's what my kids will be offering their teacher.

Because I'm thát mom.

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  1. Thank goodness here in the UK the whole "first day back presents for teacher " thing hasn't struck yet - unless it has and I've missed it! We do last day pressies at Primary school, my kids always made a card and maybe picked flowers from the garden or popped across the road to the corner shop for a bar of chocolate first thing in the morning. Then we would roll up to school and see people with huge bouquets and jewellery boxes - Arrggghh! Lucky for me mine are all older now and Secondary school kids don't do stuff like that, apparently it's not cool (my words not theirs, it's not cool to say cool!)
    Your gift sounds AMAZING, all that time and effort, I bet the teacher will be especially nice to yours all year after a gift like that! Will your kids be riding to school on their unicorns on the first day too?

  2. They dont have that tradition here. We just give cards and chocolates on the last day of school and I can only imagine what you'd do! Lucky teacher =) #ww

  3. I have never heard about this, and while I do appreciate Teachers I don't think we should have to gift them the first day of school specially since we beraly know their names. Anyway, different places different customs... Have a great rest of the week!!

  4. I bake something for all of the teachers and staff at the school sometime the first week of school, and separate out a special one for my sons teacher. I was a teacher and that first week can be exhausting so a little sugar boost helps. Plus, I am a food blogger that likes to bake and try new recipes, but I definitely don't need to have the goodies sitting around the house calling my name.

    And it might just help us get an IEP meeting time that fits my husband's schedule. 😉

  5. I guess I am a bad mom lol I have never ever sent my kids with presents for their teachers. At any time. Except during Christmas I did make candy jars So I retract my first statement.

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