How to give your tea table an English look

A while back, I found this lovely vintage tea table. It's a great table for some afternoon delights!

vintage tea table

But because of the dark wood, I felt it was a bit dark for Summer. I didn't quite know how to fix this, because I definitely did nót want to have to paint the thing. Then I found this sweet white table cloth! It has totally transformed the tea table, making it look all country English!

After. 'Waiter, we would like some Tea for two!'

I love it! And I especially love that this make-over didn't require any effort whatsoever.

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2 reacties

  1. I've just found your blog, but I won't say where from, promise (mostly because now I've read 3 posts I can't remember) I think I love you! But now I have to just say, as an English person, who is now a city girl but who grew up in the country, we don't actually live like Downton Abbey all the time!
    This is a fabulous furniture makeover post though - I don't know where all your ideas come from...

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