Mopping without dropping

This post was not sponsored. I'm just really happy to see this mop!

Sometimes when I'm cleaning our house I wonder: 'Is this how the real housewives do it? Am I doing it right?' Because after 20 years I still feel like an amateur.

When my kids were at the crawling stage, and they combined crawling the floors with putting everything into their mouth, I went through a stage where I vacuumed the floors daily. Then of course came the sticky stage, where they kept bumping cups with syrupy drinks off the table, which led to a daily-mopping-the-floor stage for me.

But now the kids are older, and the need to keep the floors clean has become less urgent. However, after a hot meal our kitchen floor still is quite messy. But it's such a fuss to get my bucket, put water and cleaning stuff into it, and mop the floor.

So I'm delighted with my new Greenspeed mop, which comes with a sprinkler system that allows me to mop the floor without using a bucket of water. I just pour some water into the collect broom, and push the button at the top of the broom. It then sprays water onto the floor, and I can mop away!

I can now proudly say I mop our kitchen floor daily!

I'm almost like a real housewife!

How often do you mop your floors?

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  1. Is it awful if I say that I never (or at least rarely) mop the floors? I have a cleaning lady who comes once a week and in between times I have two dogs who keep the tiles sparkling if I spill any food. I'm a dreadful housekeeper but boy I can bake.

  2. Call me weird...But i like mopping more so than vaccumming and sweeping.
    It just makes the room smell delightful and the rooms are nice and clean. That satisfaction is what I love!!!

  3. I feel like I spend my life mopping these days! I have a 2 and a half year old...enough said? I do have a swiffer that sprays and do use that for the odd spill but otherwise, it's a bucket and water for me. And I hate it.

  4. That's clever! I too don't like mopping except if I use a Swiffer. But now we bought this iMop thing (Google it and look at the images!) and it let's us have a portion of the bucket filled with water-soap-whatever, and you don't have to squeeze the water out by hand, all you need to do is let is spin on the contraption installed in the bucket and it spins-squeezes out the water for you!

  5. I like this mop. I used to use a similar one for hardwood floors, but have since switched to a steam mop. It's like magic, deep cleans everything and disenfects, no bucket needed. I really like this mop you feautured as well, anything that saves one from scrubing and hand wringing is a huge step up, and I still have my old one in the closet for when I want to use the floor cleaning solution to make the hardwood really shine.

  6. How cool to endorse a company and not have it be sponsored! That sounds like a great mop. I usually mop every 2 weeks. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂

  7. Ha! What an amazing product! I got a steam cleaner to make cleaning the floors easier but sometimes I don't want to get it out and this would be perfect! Thank you for linking with #featurefridays

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