Decorating a child’s bedroom: some useful tips

Think effective decorating is just for grown-ups’ rooms? Think again.

Children’s bedroom décor has come a long way. There are now more options than ever for parents who want to give their kids’ rooms a little more flair.

Start with your child

If children are old enough to express themselves, find out what they’d like their new room to feature. Many parents start by asking kids about color, a particular theme or character, or for help in choosing bedding and accessories.

The more input a child has during the design process the more excited he or she will be about the new room.

What you’ll need

Smart moms and dads start with a plan that includes exact measurements of the room, placement of windows and doors, type of flooring and storage needs. This helps dictate the furniture, layout, window treatments and other important factors involved in planning a child’s room.

While it can certainly help to work with an experienced interior designer, parents on a tighter budget can get great ideas by browsing design magazines, websites or children’s catalogs.

Colors and design

Infant nurseries are sweet and calming when finished in traditional pastels or soft primary colors; toddler rooms benefit from bright color combinations in contrasting or complementary hues; tweens and teens may want a darker or more sophisticated color palate.

Stick to 3 main colors

It’s best to stick to three main colors - two are more dominant while the third is used as an accent. Many parents get their inspiration from a single piece of furniture or a room accessory: a favorite pillow, a great lamp, a fantastic painted dresser or a cool wall print or poster.


This is an especially important consideration when redesigning a bedroom for a young child.

  • Never put a crib or bed under a window or against a radiator. 
  • Hang heavy mirrors or pictures away from the bed. 
  • Secure electric outlets with safety plug covers.
  • Wrap up dangling cords from blinds, curtains, lamps or other electronics
  • Make sure windows and low drawers (perfect for climbing) are child-proofed with safety latches.
  • If there’s any heavy, freestanding furniture in the room - like bookcases or armoires - secure it to the walls with straps or anchors to prevent accidental tipping.


There’s a large variety of great kids’ furniture out there. Not only do these pieces look cool, they’re often designed to grow to match a child’s needs.

Budget-conscious parents look for cribs that convert to twin beds, changing tables that can later be used for storing books or toys, student desks with adjustable height and more. 

Kids’ room furniture should be sturdy enough to stand up to years of use without sacrificing the overall aesthetic of the room.

Storage ideas

Storage is a great way to get creative in a child’s bedroom. From simple fabric or plastic bins to coordinated storage systems and closet organizers, it’s easy to create storage solutions that are both practical and nice to look at.

Of course, parents need to put some thought into how much space is available in the room, what kinds of things need to be stored and the best way to organize everything without cluttering the space with bins or boxes.

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Have you done anything special with your child's bedroom?

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2 reacties

  1. I love decorating (and redecorating!) so each of my boys have had their rooms done a few times. As infants I created wall murals for them and then let them help me choose their "big boy" room themes. I try to really let their rooms show them and what they are interested in.

  2. Removable wall decals are wonderful for those grade school ages when they have a different favorite character every few months. We currently have Cars, Super Mario and Ninja Turtles all over! When he is ready for something else they can come down easily, unlike the wall paper border that we painstakingly hung in his baby room and was not so much fun to take down.

    Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity.

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