Decorating tastes

I think it's safe to say my husband and I have very different decorating tastes. This wouldn't be a problem if only my husband would give me free reign when it comes to decorating our home!

Unfortunately he insists on having his say, and adding his two cents. Which, if you ask me, are not even worth one cent. Recently we butted heads over our lighting. I want soft, romantic lights, but he wants lights that are so bright they hurt your eyes. I'm a chandelier kind of girl myself, like these. I think they're romantic and you can hang stuff on them. Like your car keys. Hubby of course wants spotlights.

But sometimes he surprises me! For my birthday he got me a president desk lamp, which I had coveted for a long time. I especially liked the message the lamp conveyed!

I'm sure my husband meant to say: 'Honey, you're the president! From now on, yóú get to decide everything in our home!'

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  1. I know what you mean about having different taste. my husband and I argue all the time about decorating our room. Sometimes he would insist that we get the fixtures that he wants. I give in sometimes.

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