Cleaning the top of your kitchen cupboards + Life Hack!

Cleaning top of kitchen cabinets

At the start of a new year, after getting rid of the Christmas tree, I always get the urge to do some serious cleaning. You know, to start the new year fresh and with a clean slate.

So I decided to tackle the top of my kitchen cupboards.

Top of the kitchen cupboards

The top of the kitchen cupboards is notorious for several reasons:
  1. It's hard to reach.
  2. There's always a lot of dirt to be found. Because of reason number 1.
  3. It's sticky and fat! Also because of reason 1.
  4. No one needs to know how dirty it is, which is why it's easy to skip when you're cleaning. After all, who will know the top of your kitchen cupboards is a disgrace? No one, that's who.
Anyway, you gotta go with the flow. And when the urge to do some serious cleaning comes over you, I say: 'Go with it!' 
So I did.

Cleaning the top of the kitchen cupboards

Before I show you the pictures of my disgrace, I would just like to say: be kind. I know they're a disgrace. That's why I was cleaning them.
On top of my kitchen cabinet I have this cute Coffee Pot. Pushing it to the side a little bit, shows just how dirty it is up there....
Coffee pot

Okay, let's just rip the bandaid off:

Cleaning top of kitchen cabinets

Now, let the magic begin! All I needed was some elbow grease, determination and a scouring pad!

Cleaning top of kitchen cabinets
After I had cleaned everything, including the top of the electrical socket, I wanted to make sure I would never have to work that hard at cleaning the top of my kitchen cabinets ever again.
Which brings me to this great life hack!

Life hack for the top of your kitchen cabinets!

After you've cleaned them, put some old newspapers up there. They will collect all the dirt and grease. So the next time you want to clean up there, simply remove the newspapers!
Or do as I did, and put some cutesy paper up there!
Cleaning top of kitchen cabinets

Summing up

Even though the top of your kitchen cabinets is invisible, please don't forget to clean them now and again. And to make your life easier: after cleaning them, lay down some cutesy paper!
How do the tops of your kitchen cabinets look?

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  1. I am so glad I stopped by to read your post! It makes so much sense to, now that you mentioned it, to cover the top of cabinets with paper after they are cleaned. It will even relieve some of the stress of thinking about how dirty the tops are getting because I will know that it is the paper and not the cabinets that are collecting dirt! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

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