Bird in da house!


I love open windows, and I love welcoming fresh air into our house. No artificial airconditioning for me! I'm going all natural.

Bird in da house!

Unfortunately with so many windows and doors open, it's not only the fresh air that gets in. Birds mistake our house for the sky, and fly inside. Once inside they realize their mistake and start to panic. And I mean really panic.


Apparently they all suffer from acute amnesia, because instead of leaving the way they came in, they try to kill themselves by flying into the clósed windows. All the while emptying their little bowels all over the house.

This wouldn't be so bad, except birds scare the hell out of me. So while they're panicking, so am I. Only I'm not crapping all over our living room.


So I hide in a cupboard, and cry for my husband, to get the bird out of our house. There I sit for what seems like an eternity, and shout: 'Is it gone yet? Is it gone yet?' Only when it's safe I dare to come out.

Sometimes I suspect my husband takes his time giving the all clear, so he can watch Star Trek uninterrupted!

Anyway, all this put me off 'open windows'. I'm just too afraid a bird may fly in.

How do you feel about airing your house?
And how do you feel about them scary birds?

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  1. We love open doors and windows for fresh air, we do get our share of bugs that come in. We love the birds that sit on our balcony, like you we don't like their calling cards. My daughter-in-law once gave me a stuffed realistic looking bird, I had left it on the back of a chair about 3 feet inside the door, we were shocked one day to see a bird of the same species fly in and check out the stuffed one and then fly out again. Not scary like your story.

  2. I absolutely love opening windows in my house during certain times of the year. Being that I live in South Florida, we have screens on our windows to keep the mosquitos out, because otherwise they will eat us alive, so I haven't had an issue with birds getting in, but this did remind me of an episode of Modern Family where Mitchell also being afraid of birds had the same thing happen to him and hilarity ensued.

    Thank you so much for sharing this story with us at the Friday Funday Blog Hop! <3

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