How to organize your chest freezer

I've been blessed with five children, one husband and a house in the country.

Which is why I absolutely love my freezer. My chest freezer to be exact. Secretly I would have prefered a freestanding fridge freezer, but I was told you can't put as much stuff into those as in a chest freezer.

And since the whole point of a freezer was to be able to store lots of food I sensibly chose the chest freezer.

Chest freezer versus Fridge freezer

Here's some pictures of both kinds of freezer:

chest freezer
Chest freezer. This is the kind I've got.
fridge freezer
Freestanding Fridge Freezer. The kind I secretly long for.

Chest freezer gets very messy

The reason I secretly prefer the fridge freezer is that it's much easier to keep organized. Whereas if I have to get something out of my chest freezer, it's like going on an expedition to the North Pole. I often find myself longing for a pickaxe to claw my way to the product I need.

So I've been thinking about a way to make my life easier. A way to organize my chest freezer. At first I was thinking about boxes. But they would have to be exactly the right size. And that turned out to be a problem.

Luckily I have found the solution!

How to organize your chest freezer: the ultimate solution!

The ultimate solution for organizing your chest freezer is... Big Shopping Bags!

  1. They're cheap
  2. You can put a whole lot of stuff into them
  3. You can use different colored bags for different foods. That way what you're looking for is easy to find.
  4. They 'give' so they don't take up any more space than necessary.
I've got shopping bags for:
  • The meat I got from the pig of my cousin Hank
  • Storebought meat
  • Pizzas
  • Fried food
  • Bread
  • Ice Cream
I'm very please with the result! 

How do you organize your freezer?

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5 reacties

  1. This is great idea! I have 2 chest freezers and an upright freezer. My hubby gets our meat hunting, so we end up with a lot of meat in the freezer, but it always ends up being in the way of everything else I want to get at. This would really help to keep things more organized! Thanks! Found you on the #NoRulesWeekendBlogParty!

  2. Stopping by from Sits Girls. Good Ideas! I have a chest freezer too and it is always a challenge. I will use some of your ideas because I am defrosting tomorrow! I usually use a box system small boxes that fit 3 across the bottom layer. I also use a spiral notebook with a page for each layer. Bottom middle and top bins. Then I write each item down on the correct page and place it is in with a date. Then when I want something I look at the book and don't freeze my hands off looking for it. I love your color code for different categories. Trying that tomorrow!

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