Mouse in the house

mouse in the house
In the town of Doetinchem on Christmas Eve, a mouse also known as The Rat, was killed.

Mouse in the house: also known as The Rat

The Rat had taken up residence in a family home of seven. The husband and wife resisted his reign of terror and made several attempts on his life, but all in vain. The Rat was unimpressed.

In a rare interview, only days ago, he declared: 'I just lick the strawberry jam from the trap! They have to do better to catch me.' He fell silent for a moment and then said in thoughtful tones:

'I've got a good thing going here.'

The Rat had an accident

But never shall he drink or eat again, for one night he met with an unfortunate accident.

The man of the household tried to catch him by throwing a box over him. 'I was going to catch him and then take him outside,' he said in his statement to the police.

'But just as I dropped the box, The Rat pulled back, and the box landed on his little neck.'

With his neck snapped like a twig, The Rat is no more.

The female resident said she was 'relieved' and 'happy'.

'Now I dare go to the toilet again at night!'

The Rat will be buried next Sunday.

He will not be missed, because he was a pest.

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  1. Oh the pooor rat, but I hate them in my house too. We used to get them quite often in our last house, you could hear them in the walls. I'm so glad we were able to move out of the evil forest we used to live in.

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  2. My son had a mouse in his house recently, the place was lined with traps and it at4e through the internet cable before they caught it. Thanks for linking up with #pocolo and I hope the rat has found a new home by now

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