Vintage garden chairs

Look what I found at a local fair.

Two lovely vintage garden chairs.

seventies garden chair
vintage garden chair

As I walked onto the fair the first thing I saw, was the red vintage garden chair. It was love at first sight. And it only cost me 1 dollar! And then I spotted the other one.

I used them at the spot

I was so happy with my lovely chairs, I decided to treat myself to some coffee and a waffle. There were no more chairs available, but that was no problem! I put down my new old chair, and sat down. After I finished my coffee and waffle, I stood up and grabbed my chair.

'Oh what a pity! You're taking your chair,' I heard a woman's voice behind me.
'I was hoping to take your chair after you finished,' she said.

Which just goes to show: buying a chair at a fair is really smart!

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