Big Hotel Savings For Enjoying Pacha While In Amsterdam

One of the most anticipated events held annually in Amsterdam is the Pacha Festival.

We're open for good times!

Pacha 2015 is in the third week of May, culminating with a band and dance spectacle on May 23. This music and trade show is a formal invitation to the world signaling Amsterdam is open for fair weather parties, vacations and good times.

Good luck finding a hotel!

Finding a hotel near the festival is extremely difficult unless a traveler books several months in advance, has otherworldly connections, or is willing to pay exorbitant rates for popular accommodations.

Hipmunk can help!

The other option is to work with a service like Hipmunk to find hotel rooms well within budget and close to the festivities. Hipmunk's featured hotel bargains are all located on the outer circle of Amsterdam's Centrum. From here free bicycle exchange service, taxi, or a shopping venture through this posh district will funnel travelers through the coast to the Pacha Festival.

The Pacha Festival occupies the entire Sumatrakade in the Zeeburg Canal. Most of the best cheap hotel deals available through Hipmunk are within a few blocks of this party zone. Unlike other cities however, it isn't necessary to stay in the digs of this city to enjoy its attractions. In order to save money on hotels in Amsterdam close to Pacha, Hipmunk has teamed with some of the best local and international hospitality services in the region.

From as little as $32, guests can book with comfy cottages that are welcoming to a diverse crowd with the intention of exploring Amsterdam's fun events. For under $400 a suite can be booked at the five-star De L'Europe Amsterdam. Several more fantastic hotel deals are always open for enthusiastic visitors to stay and play while managing a strict budget. Many of these incredible deals also include catering, laundry, rentals, private party zones, restaurant and lounge vouchers, tour information, and concierge regarding event details of attractions like the Pacha Festival.

It's not always the timing that secures hotel deals. It's also about the booking service travelers work with.

There is still time to plan ahead for affordable hotels using Hipmunk, though Pacha is only a few weeks away.

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