Dirty carpets: just throw them in the washing machine

I like having carpets in my living room. I think they add a splash of colour, define the seating area and they're comfortable and warm. However, they are also a place where bacteria en dirt gather for their conventions. And they're like Johnny Depp during the days he still bashed hotel rooms: they're messy and smelly.

What's that smell?

So even though I like carpets, after a while I dón't like them anymore. They make me sniff with suspicion, and make me want to jump over them to avoid touching them. While this is very good training for the next Olympics, it is not ideal.


Now there is something you can do when your carpets get dirty, and that is called Cleaning. But vacuuming our carpets just doesn't cut it. They still feel dirty. So nowadays I buy carpets I can just throw in the washing machine! And when they come out they feel all nice and clean.

I proudly present!

Since it is now officially Fall, I proudly present to you my two new living room carpets, which I bought at a thrift shop for 5$! I think they are lovely.

And clean!

If throwing them in the washing machine is not an option, you can have them professionally cleaned at Green Choice carpet cleaning NY.

Tip: if your carpet is too big for your washing machine

If your carpets are too big for your washing machine, you might be interested in Carpet Cleaner NY. Their goal 'is to offer customers the highest-quality, hassle-free, organic cleaning service at an affordable price.' And what's more: they pride themselves on being 'courteous'. Gotto love that!

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  1. I would have thought those couldn't go in the washing machine. Nice deal for $5. Have you ever noticed the smell going through airport security (the ones that are carpeted)? EWWWW. This may sound extreme but I don't go as far as throwing my socks away...BUT, I walk through security in one pair of socks. I take those off, put them in a sandwich bag and they later go straight in drty laundry. If I can smell the carpet there's no way I want to put those socks in my shoes. You know?

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