Rain skirt: a handy alternative for rain trousers!

rain skirt

'I'm not made out of sugar!' I said, and then I got on my bike and rode it into town in the pouring rain.

But even though I didn't melt, I got so wet I actually had to go and buy myself dry underwear and a dress that wasn't dripping with water.

So after I bought myself a dry outfit, my next stop was a place where I bought a raincape!

Since then I've used my raincape a lot. I love it because it's so easy. I just throw it over my head, and I'm ready to go. I prefer it to rain trousers, because they require more effort to put on. And the fact that I wear skirts is another complication.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered there is such a thing as a rain skirt! And I got to try one out.

Rain skirt: Dutch invention

The rain skirt is an invention of Kees and Pieter Bas, two Dutch brothers. Together they run The Rain Company. I'm not surprised the rain skirt was invented in the Netherlands, because it's well known for it's rainy climate!

Also, the Dutch use their bikes as a means of transportation, so it makes sense they would be interested in finding easy ways to stay dry on a bike!

About the Rain skirt

  • The Rain skirt is made out of 100% polyester and it's 100% rainproof, according to the Dutch brothers. The material is nice and ligt and very supple. 
  • The skirt consists of two layers: one closes with a zipper. The second layer you wrap around the first layer and then you fasten it with velcro. This construction means the rain skirt fits all sizes!
  • You can adjust the length of the skirt by folding the waistband a couple of times, until you've got the length you want.
  • The rain skirt has reflective elements, so you'll be nice and visible in the dark or in bad weather.
  • The hemline contains a heavy led thread so the skirt doesn't blow up revealing your panties.

Rain skirt demonstration

This video shows how easy the rain skirt is.

The Rain skirt put to the test!

As soon as I got the rain skirt, the sun started shining and I had to wait for two weeks before it finally started to rain and I could try it out!

Putting the rain skirt on was easy. Though at first I thought: 'It's way too big!' But thanks to the wrap and velcro, I could make it fit perfectly.

You can step into the skirt, or use the orange zipper
You wrap the second layer around yourself!

The skirt from the back. See how well  it fits!

The rain skirt has a fitted silhouette. But because of the two layers you don't have to shuffle. You can still take big steps. I measured the hemline and it's 218 cm wide.

A big step for woman kind

The rain skirt on a bike

Now for the ultimate test: how well would the rain skirt do on a bike?

I give it an A+. It kept me nice and dry, and it was comfortable. And when the rain stopped and I felt a bit hot, I simply used the zipper to give my legs some more air.

rain skirt
The zipper let's you easily adjust your rain skirt

Rain skirt: summing up

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the rain skirt. You can tell the rain skirt was made with care by the supple material and finishing.

The rain skirt kept me nice and dry, and it was very easy to put on.

As far as I'm concerned there's only one drawback to the rain skirt: you have to wear something on top of it when it's raining. Like a rain jacket.

That's why I'll probably keep on using my raincape.

But apart from that, I can highly recommend the rain skirt.

Practical information about the rain skirt

You can buy a rain skirt at www.rainmates.com for 39,95 euros. The rain skirt comes in two colours and in two sizes

  • Black 
  • Purple
  • 165 tot 190 cm
  • 150 tot 165 cm

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