Why I like to buy second hand clothes

There was a time when I turned my nose up for anything second hand. At the time, I felt second hand was kind of 'dirty'. But those years are far behind me. Nowadays I prefer second hand stuff. And here's why!

Why I prefer second hand clothes and things

  1. Buying second hand clothes and things is much better for the environment. 
  2. Another reason is more personal: I'm not a fashionable person. In fact the kind of clothes I like aren't in the shops. I like flowy, jersey skirts with ditsy flowers on them. They're not in fashion. However, I can find them second hand.
  3. It's cheaper! I really like Laura Ashley clothes, but they can be quite expensive. However when I buy them second hand on eBay, suddenly they're cheap. Take the 4 camisoles you see in he picture for example. I got those for 29 USD, so they're about 7 USD per piece which is a really good price for Laura Ashley clothing.
  4. I'm less spoilt for choice. Sometimes when I'm in a shop I feel overwhelmed. There's just so much.... stuff! I hardly know where to start. The great thing about second hand stuff is that there's less of it. Having less options can really be a good thing! At least I think so.
  5. Sometimes older products are of a better quality than new stuff. Especially the stuff that was made a long time ago. Back then they wanted things to last for a long time, whereas nowadays I'm told products are made to deteriorate so people will come back to buy more.
So there you have it! All the reasons I prefer second hand stuff : )

My second hand Laura Ashley clothes

About my 4 Laura Ashley camisoles

Aren't they cute? They're just what I was looking for: not too long, not too tight. And they're nice and feminine with little bits of lace.
How do you feel about second hand goods?

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