They said it couldn't be done. And they were right

Experienced knitters frowned worriedly, when I triumphantly told them about the SuperEasy Poncho Pattern I had found: 

a big rectangle with a hole in it.

'Even I can do thís!' I bragged.
'Are you sure?' they asked. 'It doesn't even look like a poncho, now does it.'

They were right...

And they were right: because at the end of my pattern, I am the sad owner of an odd shaped piece of fabric, with a whole lot of holes and odd corners. The holes and corners are my own personal touches. But no matter how I twist and turn the thing, I can't see a poncho in it. Let alone make one of it.

So there goes my succesfull knitting career down the drain! It's a pity though. Because knitting is supposed to calm the nerves. And after all that stupid knitting I could really use something to calm me down.

Perhaps I should take up crocheting?

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  1. That made me laugh! I'm afraid my experience with the relaxing art of knitting hasn't been relaxing at all! On a lighter note it's really pretty colors! Thanks for stopping by my site for VB members to remember!

  2. Great post!! I have not attempted knitting, I'm pretty sure that would be the straw that broke the camels back!!! I think you should wear it with pride, just think of yourself as a sort of Lady Gaga, only better!! You could start a whole fashion trend!! Lol!! Thanks for the laugh, I always love to visit!!

  3. At least you tried it! I had this big plan to make a blanket for my niece...she's now four and the needles and yarn are still sitting in the bag they came in!

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    I look forward to reading more from you!

    Your Co-Host,
    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  4. I tried the whole knitting thing to to try and relax and it sucked I got so frustrated I threw the needles off my deck. New follower from the blog would love to have you come by and do the same!

  5. LOL. I've heard crocheting is easier than knitting. I was going to try to learn how to knit one year. I have about 4 inches of a scarf. 😉 So, at least you made it farther than I did! So, what if it doesn't look like a poncho. You finished it! Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop again.

  6. Crocheting is easier than knitting. I learned both at age 4, but I hardly ever knitted. My mother and grandmother were knitting whizzes. At 56, I started knitting again a couple of years ago, but I still love crochet more.

  7. LOL! I tried crocheting, I still haven't finished my daughter's baby blanket I started while pregnant, she's 2.5 years old now. I am going to try knitting now, and my project will be WAY worse than this!

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