Moving to the country: what nobody tells you!

About ten weeks ago I changed from citygirl to countrygirl.

Here are some of my thoughts and discoveries about country life!

  1. There are no playgrounds in the country. When we lived in the suburbs, at the corner of our street there was a little playground. And whenever the kids got bored I just said: 'Why don't you go to the playground!' That playground turned out to be a great meeting place for the kids in the neighbourhood. In the country, everybody has their own trampoline and swing set, and there's no public area for kids to meet. And I have to admit: I miss that playground.
  2. It's only five miles into the nearest town, which is fine with me, because I can just jump into my car. But for my kids the nearest town might as well be the moon. They miss being able to ride their bikes into town for icecream or something.
  3. I love the light in the country: it's breathtakingly beautiful! Who would have thought 'light' could be so delightful (pun intended).
  4. I'm much more aware of the seasons now. If only because I have fallen into mud, got stuck in a dirt track, and got soaked to the skin during a particularly rainy morning. I felt it in my toes: this is Winter!
  5. There's lots more space in the country. Whenever I walk out the front door, I feel wide open space all around me.
  6. Living in the country is a state of mind. Knowing there's nothing to do, or get, or buy, makes me feel calm. I can almost read a book again!
  7. Living in the country helps develop your interest in nature. I've become a bird watcher! Besides, what else is there to do here...
  8. The kids spend more time behind a screen, I'm sad to say. Because there's no playground, and they haven't found children to play with yet, they play more on their WII and Nintendo. I'm hoping Winter is to blame, and it will get better during Summer.
  9. We finally have enough room in our garden for a trampoline!
  10. We've been invited to a farm fest at the neighbours. I wouldn't have experienced such a thing in the city.
  11. The kids have to ride their bikes about 6 miles to school, which sucks. So they tell me.
  12. The kids have to ride their bikes about 6 miles to school: at least they get enough exercise!
  13. We want to become more self sufficient, and the country offers lots of opportunities to do that. We can grow our own vegetables, if they don't die first.
  14. We're spending way more money on gas! It can't be helped: the distances are much bigger and can't all be walked or biked.
  15. Because there's no store nearby, our household expenses have gone down. I can't just walk down to the local supermarket to get forgotten groceries, and then be seduced by other 'stuff'.
  16. I like taking the kids to school along country roads. It makes me feel like I live in the Little House on the Prairie.
  17. Our doorbell doesn't ring half as much as it did in the city. It's bliss for my frayed nerves.
  18. On the first day of Spring I discovered: there's always some place the sun shines in our garden!

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  1. Agree with you that the countryside does allow you to have a deeper appreciation for nature. Can't describe how great it feels to sit down by a tree, smelling sweet-scented air and jotting down your thoughts. Love writing when I'm surrounded by nature. It just clears my head.

  2. It seems that you are going through an adjustment period. I had a friend who moved out of New York City and she felt the same way, until she fell in love with online and catalog shopping that offers free shipping. lol

  3. Despite the lack of conveniences, your country living sounds wonderful. Our vacation spot is on a lake in the middle of the woods with no tv or much of anything to do beside enjoy nature and each other. Its amazing how going for a ride to the store becomes an event! But the luxury of living in peace (a state of mind for sure) if even for a short while, is rejuvenating for the soul. I guess the real art will be creating new conveniences. 🙂

  4. Isn't country life amazing?

    I've been a country girl all my life, and I wouldn't trade the fresh air here in my province, even if living in the Metro would mean easier access to mall sales and social (blog) events. 🙂

  5. So nice! We live "somewhat" in the country. We wish we had more space on the sides between our neighbors, but we can have big gardens, chickens, whatever we want out back. We do NOT have chickens. But a lot of the neighbors do. And we're only about 2 miles to the store. So, it's kind of the best of both worlds. Enjoy your peace! The kids will get used to it and learn to enjoy being outside. 🙂

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