The puzzling effect: 10 reasons I like going puzzles despite myself


doing puzzles

Even though deep in my heart I think doing puzzles is useless, because after all, what's the point?!!

You take an image, you break it apart, and then you put it together again.

And all for what?!

The unbearable pointlessness of doing puzzles

There's no point.

Nevertheless, have I started doing puzzles.

Because even though in the practical sense it doesn't lead anywhere, in another way doing puzzles does have a purpose!

4 x The puzzling effect

  1. I choose my puzzles with great care. I only do puzzles with pretty pictures of times gone by. Because they make me feel good. I like Gibson and Falcon puzzles for example.
  2. Doing a puzzle of, for example, a bookshop, makes me feel as if I'm in that bookshop. So it's a great way of staying at home and at the same time, being out and about : )
  3. Even though in a practical sense, putting a puzzle together doesn't really lead anywhere, in a more spiritual sense it does have a purpose. Doing a puzzle calms the mind!
  4. Like running, you can do puzzles anytime, anywhere!
N.B. I only do puzzles with XL or XXL pieces, because I suck at doing puzzles. I can't dó 'normal' puzzles. They're too hard.
How do you feel about doing puzzles? Do you have a favorite kind?

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  1. Putting together a puzzle is a great mental exercise that helps with focus, short-term memory, and solving problems. Enjoy
    Thank you from your SSPS Team for sharing your links with us at #269 SSPS Linky.

  2. Nicole, I do not like doing puzzles. I get frustrated then I have pieces flying off the table in frustration. Lol. I don't like the little pieces either. I like your concept of doing themed puzzles that make you feel good. Kind of like you can escape into that scene.
    Visiting today from #PoCoLo

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