Are you cooking on gas, electric or induction?

I have an induction stove.

Before our move to the country we had a gas stove. I still miss my gas stove a lot! I liked to cook 'on fire'. Though I have to admit, induction has a lot of the advantages of gas stoves. But the gas stove felt more authentic to me.

Oh, light my fire!

You had to light a fire, whereas on my induction stove I have to touch the screen! It's a whole different way of cooking. Even though my induction stove has the same advantages, it looks way more modern. And I suppose I'm an old fashioned kind of girl who prefers the look and feel of gas stoves.

So I wasn't surprised when I hear gas stoves are making a come-back. Even chefs prefer them to electric stoves. Gas stoves come with quite a lot of perks!


When you change the settings on an electric stove, it takes time for the coils to reach your desired temperature. When cooking, this can be a bad thing. You can end up overcooking things because of the long warming times. When you adjust a gas stove, it changes temperature immediately, so you know what temperature you are cooking at. My induction stove does the same thing: if I touch the screen to lower the temperature, it changes in an instant.

Less Heat Generation

Gas ovens, like the ovens from Appliances Connection don't heat up your kitchen like electric stoves do; gas stoves tend to give off less heat. This means that you can cook at high temperatures without having to worry about being uncomfortable. The top of a gas stove tends to stay cool, so you reduce your chances of accidental burns. My induction stove stays cool too, much to my surprise.

Ignition Technology

In the past, it was difficult to light a gas stove; you needed to use matches to light the pilot light. Today, all gas stoves come with a handy electronic ignition. You simply turn the stove's dial to turn on your burners. When you don't have to fuss with a pilot light, you aren't constantly wasting gas keeping it lit.


Electric stoves can scratch and bend easily. If your stove's coils bend, you don't get an even amount of heat distribution to your pots and pans. Gas stoves are durable, and the flame always cooks your food evenly. Electric coils need direct contact to heat something up, and if they are bent, it changes the temperature at which your food cooks.

Gas stoves are the choice of almost every professional chef.

The one perk of my induction stove

The only perk my induction stove has, that my old gas stove didn't, is that it's easier too clean. Cleaning my gas stove used to take me about 15 minutes. But my induction stove only needs a gentle wipe!

But if I could back in time, I would still choose the gas stove!

What do you use for cooking: a gas stove, an electric stove or like me, an induction stove?

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  1. I vote for gas! Of course, I'm pretty sure that's the only kind of stove I've ever had. They are a total pain to clean, though! BTW, found your blog on the Hey! Am I Getting Through Blog Hop 🙂 Just subscribed with My Yahoo! Great to "meet" you! -- Meredith (

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