Having your wisdom teeth pulled: facing my fears

wisdom teeth

Having your wisdom teeth pulled is, surprisingly, not at all like pulling teeth. In fact, it was so much easier than I expected that I actually thought:

'I can't believe I made such a fuss!'

Once upon a time, well alright, it was 5 years ago my dentist said to me: 'Oh and by the way, your wisdom teeth should be pulled.'

I started to tremble with fear, which frightened the dentist. So he allowed me to postpone. For five years I lived with the unpleasant knowledge I had some lodgers in my mouth, that shouldn't be there.

But my fear was too big to face them.

Twinges: are my wisdom teeth dancing on the ceiling?

Unfortunately after about three years my wisdom teeth started acting up. Not all the time, but just often enough to complete spoil my day and drape it with fear. I would get these odd twinges, like they were having a party.

 I could almost hear Lionel Richie singing: 'What a feeheeling! When you're dancing on the ceiling!' And whenever I felt one of those twinges, I felt a surge of panic. I'ld think: 'Oh no! Is this it? Have I come to the end of the line? Has the time come to have my wisdom teeth pulled?'

Please deliver me from this hell of fear!

Then, last Friday I'd suddenly had enough. I got more fed up, than I was afraid. So I called the dentist, and threw myself at his mercy. I explained how I was the world's biggest coward when it came to having my wisdom teeth pulled, and if he could please deliver me from my personal hell. And he said yes! I rushed on over to the dentist, so relieved I was finally facing my fears, I almost forgot to be scared.

'Don't worry. This is not my first time'

As I lay myself down in the dentist chair, my fears however made a quick come back.

'Don't worry,' the dentist assured me. 'This may be your first time. But it's not mine. And that's what it's all about!'

Then he pulled my right wisdom teeth in about 2 seconds, and the left one in 4 seconds.

Not only did I face one of my biggest fears, I have two trophies to show for it! In a little plastic bag.

How do you feel about your wisdom teeth?

N.B. Please let me tale be of comfort for you. Having your wisdom teeth pulled can be a walk in the park!

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  1. It is not often that you can make a fun post out of a visit to the dentist. I am glad you did not suffer too much from the experience. But that is also a good life lesson in facing our fears, way to go.
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