The chainsaw massacre

woman garden

It was one of those precious afternoons of Spring, when the sun is still fresh and new. I decided I should take this opportunity to catch some rays and relax. The kids were in school after all, and if opportunity knocks you should open the door!

What's that awful sound?

But just as I let myself enjoy the sound of silence, it was cruelly shattered by a terrible, piercing sound. I opened my eyes and saw desperately swaying tree tops in the garden of our new neighbours.
'You go and stand there, and I'll take care of these branches!' I heard a man's voice shout. And the awful sound of the chainsaw started up again.

It's alright! You can still relax!

As I lay there gritting my teeth I told myself: 'It's alright, you can still relax! Imagine the chainsaw as a violin!' Then just as sudden as it had started it stopped again.

'Thank God!' I thought and closed my eyes once again, ready to enjoy the silence.
Alas, it was not to be, because now my new neighbour took up hammering.

Suddenly a sound of pain pierced the air, followed by: 'Darn it!' And I nodded and whispered to myself: 'Indeed!'

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  1. This is my constant battle. Since I am pregnant, I get really tired in the afternoons so I try to nap when my son takes his nap. But alas, my neighbors always have some project or another to do or their 8 dogs (yes EIGHT!) decide to bark at their own shadows, or their kids will play with an air horn (no lie, this truly happens). And this always seems to happen on the days that I am most tired and truly need my rest. *sigh*

    Thank you for sharing this with us at the #FFBH!

  2. For me, it is dogs. Dogs barking, my own, the neighbors at every little sound they hear. No nap, no quiet reading, no relaxing just barking. Thanks for sharing at Party at My Place.

  3. I hate when you are trying to rest and relax and something wrecks it 🙁

    Thanks so much for linking up at the #BloggersSpotlight party! I pinned this to our group board. Don’t forget to come link up again tonight and see the featured posts!

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