Can you look cool when it's hot and Jogging Pants Syndrome

dressing nicely

It's been tropically hot for weeks now.

And high temperatures are not my thing.

I can feel myself wilting like a cheap flower.

Jogging Pants Syndrome

One day I actually put on some jersey jogging shorts, because I didn't even wanna try anymore. But that turned out to be bad idea. Because of those baggy shorts, I felt even worse. I didn't feel like doing anything. I like to call this effect of bad clothing Jogging Pants Syndrome.

Jogging Pants Syndrome starts with dressing like you don't care. Like you're lazy, and don't want to do anything. When you dress like that, it's like a self fullfilling prophect. You start to feel even lazier.

This won't do!

So after wearing those baggy pants for one day, I decided:

'No more! This won't do!'

And I went to my closet and took out a white dress with small straps. It's just as suitable for wearing during a heatwave as baggy shorts. Only you still look good, and like you care.

That's how you beat Jogging Pants Syndrome!

Just take care of yourself, dress nicely!

Can you look cool when it's hot?

So to answer my own question 'Can you look cool when it's hot?' I'ld like to quote Bob the Builder:

'Yes we can!'

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  1. Oh myyyy, you are so right! And it kind of goes along with what I call my Stretchy Pants (or Elastic Waist) Theory: The wearer will expand as far as the stretchy pants (or elastic waist) will expand! You look terrific in your white sundress. I haven't quite figured out what to wear in the heat, but I'm working on it. I'm definitely not going to go around in the stretchy shorts I work out at home in! #BloggersPitStop

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