The Change: do you think about it?

the change

I recently read a book about menopause, also known as The Change.

I thought that books couldn't scare me anymore after reading Stephen King's 'Christine' about a car that's possessed. But this one did! Because The Change is out there, and it's coming for you and for me!

Unless you're man of course. But even then you should brace yourself, because you may not recognize the woman you love anymore...

As far as I was concerned the change is when your period stops, and you have some hot flashes. But it turns out there are a lot more, unpleasant, symptoms! Achy joints, mood swings, night sweats that soak your bed, temper tantrums etc. If it's unpleasant, it's in menopause! And to top it all off, you lose your waist, and your stomach gathers fat.

I did not know change could be this bad!

What do you know about The Change?
And for those who have experienced it already: how bad is it?!

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  1. Ummm, I don't wanna think about this yet, as I am only 24! haha I remember my grandma going through all this though, because she was one who didn't hide anything. She was a wreck!

  2. My period was getting wonky last year and I thought I was going through perimenopause. Women in my family have young menopause. It sucks to think about! I don't want to go through everything that's going to happen. Blech! I'd rather get my period. That's all I can say. I hear you lose your mind, too! Forget things. . . . .what was I saying? anyway. I never had a waist to begin with. 😉 Hope we both make it through okay.

  3. I have to tell you .. I have experiencing symptoms for the past year... this is not fun! There are times that even I do not recognize the person that has possessed me!

  4. This is what the book said: most women don't think about it. But the author goes on to say how this is odd, because it's something every woman will experience, and how there's so much information about all kinds of things out there, so why not about menopause.

  5. Like you I pretty much thought it was all about no periods and the sweats. I didn't realise there was all of that to deal with. All the same, when that time comes I'll embrace it as a new phase. No boobs not waist I work around, lol.

  6. I had an ablation 2 years ago, so my monthly visits are a thing of the past. At 52, I'm on the edge of menopause, but not there yet. If I start to feel a little hot, I go into a full-blown sweat. That's about it for me for now. My mom had night sweats into her early 70s. (That stinks!) All I know is that I'm not looking forward to it. Thanks for the great post and thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


  7. I'm well past the change, and it can easily be controlled. I took red clover during the worst years,(Promensil) pretty much took care of the symptoms. When I stopped using that I had occasional night sweats.

    Now I rub Clary Sage Oil on my tummy before bed. No more night sweats.

    By the way - most say I'm pretty cognisant and don't have any memory problems either, and my figure left me after baby number 5 - not because of the change!

  8. The symptoms are a pain, but there are ways to deal with them so that you get the hot flashes and night sweats under control. As far as the mood swings they haven't been that bad. And on the plus side..No more periods...:) Great post! I'm stopping over from Sits sharefest. 🙂

  9. Ha ha, oh yes, it's coming for us all!! (Funny, I, too, read Christine!! Great book. Found 'It' much worse!!)
    Well, I think the menopause sounds like PMT x 10, so that'll be something to look forward to. I'll be taking every supplement known to woman by then! Think I've got 10-ish years left!
    Argh! x

  10. I've been in it for a few years now and it's not so bad. If you took good care of yourself before, I feel you go through it a little easier. Every woman is different and her symptoms will be different too. There is relief out there and knowing your triggers for say, hot flashes, can minimize them. There are positives to more periods, no more worrying about getting pregnant and you now can blame all your problems with this one saying, "I'm in menopause, cut me a break."

  11. My best friend just stopped and that was that. She had no symptoms. I think I'm having all my symptoms, AND all her symptoms! The night sweats are worse than I could have imagined. Wake up soaking wet and freezing cold. Nothing like a warm 2 a.m. shower to help you stop shivering. Heart palpitations are fun also. Just because all those other things aren't bad enough! Fortunately it's different for everyone so my horror story may not be yours 🙂

  12. NOT scary! Don't worry! I will gladly take the occasional hot flash over the monthly torture that I experienced for 35 years! And the moodiness is nothing compared to the PMS I experienced. I am no longer anemic for the first time in forever. The "change" is the BEST.

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