Summer Vacation can be hard on moms...














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  1. Hi Joy! You can find the link beneath the picture.

    I just love the question: 'Why ruin the evening, Mother' with a capital 'M'.
    And what about daddy, being the 'nice guy'...

  2. HA HA HA! This is what got me...besides the bath concept, "Housework on HOT days..." . Nah, pretty much housework on ANY day makes me tired and cross. Seriously. Thanks for the giggle. Tweeting it now!

  3. BATHS?! What are those? I know my kids take them, but since I've had children I haven't had the opportunity to sit and soak in a bath. It doesn't help that the kids have the only bathroom with the bathtub ;).

  4. Oh - this is what I've been missing. No wonder the summer has seemed so long - lol! We actually have registration tomorrow and start school next Monday (can you believe it?)! I plan on working in some baths as soon as my four return!

  5. I love this! Where did you get that ad? Been looking for vintage clips to use on PMP. Don't I wish there was time to climb in a bath with a cake of soap! :0)

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