Tips on Planning a Christening Party

christening party

It's an important question:

Do you raise your child with religion or not?

The answer depends, as it so often does, on who you ask.

There's a group of parents who say: 'I'm not going to raise my child with religion. I want to give little Susie the freedom to discover religion on her own and then she can decide for herself.'

And there's another group of parents that dóes raise their kids with religion. They feel religion is part of growing up, and much like teaching your child to eat his vegetables.

I'm on both sides of the fence

I've raised my kids with religion, but I also offer them the freedom to make their own choices. I've got one leg in both camps. I feel it ís important for a child to be exposed to religion, but I also think they should be free to make their own mind up. But I do want to offer them the information. So I read them a bible story every night after dinner. Until they became teenagers, and were so obnoxious I gave up.

But I'm still pleassed I had them baptized.

Kira sent me this interesting article about baptism ceromonies, I would like to share with you!

Tips on Planning a Christening Party

Baptism is an important day in a baby's life. That is why it's a good idea to celebrate this special day by throwing a christening party for your
family after the official religious ceremony.

As with any party, multiple factors
have to be considered because it is also an official ceremony in a
Christian community meaning you can’t arrange just a party – it
has to be meaningful and appropriate celebration. Here are few useful
tips that will help you:

Budget planning

It's smart to set a budget
beforehand. That way, you can make sure you stay in budget.


It is best to arrange a christening
party on the day of the baptism ceremony. If possible, use a parish hall or maybe church basement for hosting. If a church does not have an available
area, you can also invite everyone over to your home.


You don't have to buy christening
gifts if you host the party, but you may prepare certain baptism
favors. Consider telling your guests beforehand what you would like for your child as a gift for the christening party – maybe
some memorable handmade gifts, gift baskets or money.

Guest invitations

Since the christening party is a formal
event, the christening invitations must be appropriate. Be sure to
send the invitations to the guests in advance. If you are creating a
photo album or a scrapbook of the baby's early moments of childhood,
make sure to save a guest invitation for them, too. Invitations for
guests at a christening party can be typed or handwritten.

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