Parenting gone wrong

As a mom it's very important to me, my kids are well mannered. So if somebody says something, and they didn't quite catch it, I don't want them saying:


The correct answer is... 

To teach them this, for every 'Huh', I offer the correct response: 'What did you say?' Unfortunately this parenting method turned out to a bust when I used it on my eldest son.

What when wrong?!

Read the cartoon and weep.

Why is that parenting never goes the way you expected it to?!

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  1. My 3 yr old tries this on me quite often...When I ask her yes/no ma'am question and she says "yeah" or "yes" I tell yes what? and she says "yes what" lol...too funny...

    BTW Love the comic


  2. LOL, almost as good as when my kids want to ask my permission for something, one of them finally works up the courage to ask me, and says, "Mom?", to which I answer, "Yes?" Then I hear him/her quickly run down the hall where the siblings are all eagerly waiting. The rest of them pester, "So what did she say?" to which he/she replies, "SHE SAID 'YES'!!!"
    Following you now, BTW! Please visit me, too, and follow if you like! 🙂

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